How It Works

At Campaign Solutions, we don’t merely process donations – we raise them. And the brains that have raised over $100,000 per day since 1998 rely on eDonation: a robust and time-tested solution that’s ready to help your organization today.

eDonation is Campaign Solutions’ exclusive, custom designed online fundraising solution. It’s more than just a way to take donations online – it’s a complete online fundraising solution. In fact, more online money has been raised through eDonation for candidates, non-profits, and public affairs campaigns than any other system.

eDonation captures online contributions in a fully automated and secure environment – in a simple, one click process.

It’s a complete financial package managing everything from merchant accounts to credit card authorization and banking fees. We’ve created this system in partnership with IBM to ensure the security of your contributions.

When visitors select the “Donate Now” option they’re connected to a web server that securely processes your transaction. The donor information writes to searchable database, available to you online 24/7 – and it’s exportable into commonly used software such as Excel.

After the transaction is completed, eDonation generates an automatic e-mail thank you letter to your contributor. It also gives you the option to survey your donor.

eDonation can even notify you via email whenever a new donation or event registration is processed. Through our “Email-a-Friend” feature, donors can send event invitations, store links, or donation pages along with a personal note to their contacts. This function virally expands your donor list and reach.

In short, eDonation captures and processes your donation, surveys the donor, thanks him for the contribution, and delivers the information to you in a elegant database – all without additional keypunching. There is no simpler or more robust system to use. It’s a seamless, automated system from beginning to end that helps you raise money.

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